Our Services

Our Services include full-spectrum clinical operation in clinical trial execution and management, data capture system design, data management, biostatistics, medical writing and publication, medical education and training.

01Clinical Operation

Our Clinical Operation Team provides full support to late phase clinical trials and outcomes research and includes the following roles:

  • Clinical Operation Manager​
  • Project Manager
  • ​Quality Control and Assurance Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Medical Science Manager
  • Clinical Program Scientist
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02Informatics and Analytics

Data management and bio-statistics support is provided by our Informatics and Analytics Department, which includes data management center, statistic analysis, and health IT software development and engineering. We develop state-of-art electronic data capture system (VitalEDC), electronic medical record system (VitalHIS and VitalCIS), clinical study management system (VitalManage), and web-based study center (VitalConnect).

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03Medical Education and Communication

Medical Education and Communication
With in house expertise and large network in medical communities, we develop and conduct medical education and training for a variety of audiences, which may include but not limited to any, or the combination, of following listed formats:

  1. Web-based medical education program (Interactive learning or Self-guided learning; Targeted for physicians, study coordinator and other health care providers or public adudience)
  2. ​Paper-based medical education material (Abstract book; Brochure; News letter; Targeted for physicians, health care providers, or patients)​
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35Years of Experience


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