VitalStrategic collaborates with hospitals and physicians on clinical research, registry, health information management concerning all disease areas, aiming to improving chronic disease management, better understanding epidemiology, and improving patient care efficiency and quality.

VitalStrategic partners with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies for better defining unmet needs, better assessing clinical outcomes, better determine cost effectiveness, better achieving evidence-driven market access.

VitalStrategic helps patients and caregivers better understand disease preventive care, treatment options, treatment outcomes,  home monitoring, risk prediction, as well as health care values, and personalized medicine.

Our Mission

  1. VitalStrategic Research Institute

    (VitalStrategic, VSRI) is an independent research firm with expertise in design and conduct evidence based clinical trials, real world clinical research, comparative effectiveness research, health technology assessment, health information management, medical education and publication. We conduct global research including China.

  2. Our Vision

    VitalStrategic was established in 2008 with a vision to serve for growing global economy, a mission to improve global health, and a goal to enhance healthcare values.

  3. Our Commitment

    We are committed to effectively define unmet medical needs and rigorously support initiatives that improve chronic disease management and quality of global healthcare.

  4. Resources

    VitalStrategic Research Institute is a research firm with global headquarter in Philadelphia, USA and regional office in Shanghai China.

  5. Our Team

    The leadership team in VitalStrategic is composed of individuals who have had successful track records of research in both industry and academics and who represent field expertise in medical, bio-statistics, data management, clinical operation, information technology, and health economics.

75Professional Staff
35Years of Experience

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

Dr. Danyi Zhang
She is the founder of VitalStrategic Research Institute, she also serves as the President & Chief Medical Officer.

She received her medical education from China and post-graduate education from the US. She completed her academic training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) and Harvard Medical School (Cambridge, MA). Her research interests included laser medicine, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, thrombotic conditions, anti-thrombotic and anti-platelet therapies.

Prior to founding VitalStrategic Research Institute, Dr. Zhang has had a successful career in pharmaceutical industry and held increasing global leadership positions in clinical research and development, strategic planning and medical affairs.

VitalStrategic Research Institute is the first independent research firm that focuses on outcomes research and late phase clinical trials in China. Collaborating with Chinese Medical Doctor Association, we have made significant contribution to the establishment of national disease registries, including China Cardiometabolic Resgiestries (CCMR), China Chronic Disease Registries (CCDR). Dr. Zhang is also the founder and the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the annual international conference, China Outcomes Research and Evidence Based Medicine (CORE) Summit, one of the largest conferences in Asia that focuses on real world evidence, comparative effectiveness research, cost effectiveness, health technology assessment, valued health, personalized medicine, electronic health, and big data.

The leadership team in VitalStrategic is composed of individuals who have had successful track records of research in both industry and academics and who represent field expertise in medical, bio-statistics, data management, clinical operation, information technology, and health economics.

Working TogetherOur Collaborators

Our goal for collaboration and partnership is to enhance scientific and commercial values of medical advancement. We view all partners and collaborators as our extended colleagues, whether they are medical corporations with worldwide operations or medical research institutions and health organizations with commitments to improve healthcare policy and develop new healthcare solutions.

Collaboration withChinese Medical Doctor Association

VSRI collaborates with CMDA on national disease registries, including CCMR (China Cardiometabolic Registries) and CCDR (China Chronic Disease Registries). These registries have been established with following common objectives:

  1. Continuously assess gaps between the guideline and real world practice
  2. Systemically assess optimal therapeutic pathways and clinical outcomes
  3. Enhance the use of hospital electronic medical record systems
  4. Improve the quality and efficiency of patient care
  5. Enhance the surveillance and values of medical advancement

VSRI also collaborates with CMDA on annual international conference, (CORE Summit), focusing on education, advocating, and sharing insight and experience in outcomes research. VSRI and CMDA jointly organize a national training program, certifying skills and knowledge in performing clinical-based research. The target audience includes clinicians, nurses, research staff, and anyone who are interested in joining the field of clinical research coordination.

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

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March, 2010

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Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?